What to check on before buying a Mfg. Home.


A. Check with utilities to ensure capability with property to be installed on.

B. Check with assessors office to make sure all taxes have been paid. Aquire 504 form (Tax Clearance Certificate) needed for movers to get moving permit.

C. Make sure no lot rent is owed to RV park or landlord. If money is owed the landlord can stop move of the house from property.

D. Make sure there are no liens on the home.

E. If built prior to 1977 check with local Jurisdiction to see if house can be installed. Many counties require (rehab permit) the home to be brought up to HUD Housing standards before it can be installed on the property. HUD Housing took over the Mfg. Home industry in 1977 so anything built after 1977 will meet HUD requirements. Planning & Zoning has list of upgrades needed for pre 1977 homes.

F. Gas appliances on either set-up for Natural gas or Propane. If gas appliances were using natural gas and u require propane then you must be converted, and vice-versa. Conversion kits usually come with appliances, if not, you can go online to the manufacturer and buy them. If conversion kit cannot be found then you may to change appliance.