Undevoloped Property:

A. FLOOD ZONE - Planning and Zoning can tell you if property is in a flood zone. Depending on wht type of flood zone the cost of installation could be increased by as much as $7,000.

B. Access - Mfg. homes are not small. sometimes roads need to be widened, trees need to be trimmed, vegetation removed, fences taken down, wires raised, or even washes temporarily filled in to get the home to the property. Check with mover if there are any questions about route.

C. Placement of Home on property - The distance from home to nearest Electric Transformer will determine how much it will cost to install electric power to the property ( if you will be using solar power, disregard). Electric can either go overhead or underground as determined by your local Electric Co. Electric companies charge per foot for installation of electric service from transformer to meter.

The meter and disconnect must be within 30' of home.

Site and home must meet all set back requirements from property line or easement, must be conpacted, have no vegetation on it and have a slight crown in middle to keep water from flowing under home (pad should not allo water to pool or puddle under home). if skirting proposed cannot be backfilled against then pad must extend 10' wider than the home on all sides and must slope away from the home at 1/4" per foot.

D. Type of Soil - Contractor must do soil evaluation to design septic systems (plans for septic systems must be submitted before installation permit is submitted). Also ground level soil determines if materials needed to build pad for the home will be required. ( Pad must meet State compaction requirements.)

E. Septic System - Contrator must do soil evaluation to design system.

F. Sewer System - If property is on City Sewer System, contractor is needed to install sewer tap. Many Cities require impact or hook-up fee's to use system.

G. Water Source - Water Co. could include fee's for installation of service meter. Shared well - uses contracts.   Private Well - check with local Well Co. on depth of well you will need.



2. Developed Property:

All Items A-G from #1 (undeveloped property) in addition to:

A. Electric Service - Must be compatable w/home. If home is 100amp (check main breaker inside home breaker box) then service on property can be 100amp. More powermay be needed for A/C unit, heat pump, shed or garage. Possible upgrade to 200amp may be required. A 200amp home requires 200amp service.

B. Septic System - Health Dept. must have correct paperwork on existing system. Older systems may not have been documented properly with the Health Dept. if documentation is needed then a licenced contractor must be hired to expose the top of the tank and end of each leach line in order to verify the system. Contractor must perform soil evaluation to determine if the system is for home and meets todays standards (additional leach lines may be required.